Terms and conditions

We are delighted to welcome you tothis web site of Ornate Floral Art (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).www.ornatefloralart.com is an online platform on which you may fixed anappointment with designers, book decorations for yourevents/festivals/seasons/parties and also platform to purchase flowers, fashionproducts made by real, dried or artificial flowers, fruits, chocolates, sweets,delicacies, gifts can be purchased for shipment in India and other countries.

May we ask you to take a moment toread these conditions carefully. These general terms and conditions apply toall services that are made available online, via any mobile device, by e-mailor by telephone. By going to our (mobile) website, viewing the pages and makinguse of them, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood andagreed to the following terms and conditions (including the privacy statement).

If you use certain additionalservices of this Site, we will inform you of the additional terms and conditions,which will also be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Ornate Floral Art may from time totime amend the terms and conditions by posting such change at the Site. Useafter such change has been posted shall constitute acceptance of such changedterms.

The terms used in these GeneralTerms and Conditions were defined, if necessary, in Article 16 of the GeneralTerms and Conditions.

1. Identification

Ornate Floral Art is the seller ofthe products shown on the site. Ornate Floral Art is a sole proprietorship firmwith registered address at Plot no. 2180, B M Marg, Chalisgaon and operatingoffice at Patil Lane No. 04, College Road, Nashik with applicationidentification number 104855531903.

You can contact Ornate Floral Artvia:

·        Tel:INT. +91 70 58 70 58 70

·        Email: info@ornatefloralart.com

2. Accuracy of content

The information about products,pricing, and delivery dates, as well as the detailed shipping guidelines on thewebsite are communicated to the customers for information purposes only and maybe modified by Ornate Floral Art any without prior notice. For moreinformation, customers should visit the "Order information page". OrnateFloral Art aims to provide accurate product information and accurately reflectthe colors of the products. However, weights, dimensions, and volumes ofproducts remain approaches, and it is not guaranteed that each screen displaysa color identical, or that the color may not differ when a product is received.Since flower arrangements are hand-made, theremay be a slight variation from the picture shown. However, we will make surethat we deliver the flower arrangement as close as possible to the description/photograph shown. Due to unavailability issue, certain flowers may not be thereevery time, in such situations Ornate Floral Art reserves the right tosubstitute the flower of equal or greater value.

Ornate Floral Art shall not beliable for the use of the Site, including, without limitation, the content andany errors contained therein.

3. Prices

All prices are listed on the Siteand include GST for deliveries within the country and include shipping costs.The currency is always clearly stated. If an error is found in the price of theproducts you have ordered or in the delivery charge, we will inform you as soonas possible and offer you the option of reconfirming your order at the correctprice or cancelling your order. If you cancel before packing and shipping, wewill refund or re-credit you for the sum that has been debited from your creditcard for the products as per the refund/return policies. Deliveries outside theIndia may lead to taxes which must be paid by the recipient.

4. Online Ordering

Theordering process includes the following steps:

1.      Choose your product and add it tothe shopping cart;

2.      Choose a delivery method;

3.      Enter the shipping address;

4.      Enter the billing address togetherwith the payment information;

5.      You will be asked to accept theGeneral Terms and Conditions;

6.      You will have the opportunity toview a summary of your order.

After placing an order, you willreceive an email from Ornate Floral Art confirming receipt of the order. Assoon as the goods are shipped (the "Shipping Notification Email") youwill also receive a notification. All orders are subject to any stockfluctuations. In case of unexpected stock breach we will inform you and wereserve the right to cancel the order.

These general terms and conditionsare included in the confirmation email of the order and apply to every legalrelationship between Ornate Floral Art and the Consumer. The Consumer confirmsthis during the ordering process.

5. Fixing an appointment withDesigners

 Ornate Design is associated with manydesigners for their different area of specialization. Designers here to provideconsultation and to prepare the draft of designs. To fix an appointment withdesigners following procedure need to be followed.

1.      Select designer as per their bio,specialization, work photographs, feedbacks and interest.

2.      Choose the medium (audio call, videocall, personal meeting at client location / designer’s location / thirdlocation), date and time from designer availability schedule.

3.      Submit the form with mandatory eventdetails.

4.      Designer will receive the ‘requestof appointment’ for review.

5.      Designer has rights to accept ordecline the request of appointment with or without reason.

6.      Client will receive the notificationon status of ‘request of appointment’.

7.      Appointment will be confirmed onlyafter client confirmation on accepted requests of appointments by designers.

8.      In case of paid appointment clienthas to pay in prior to fix an appointment.

9.      In case of promotional appointmentclient has to give confirmation mandatory.

6. Payment

The payment options we offer arementioned on our Site. The amount will be charged in the currency in which youordered. Please refer to the Privacy Policy posted in the Site for furtherinformation regarding Internet fraud and secure payment.

Some vendors, located in certain citiesand in possession of a valid GST number, have the option to pay after receiptof the invoice. Ornate Floral Art reserves the right to request a prepayment onan initial order if we receive an unfavorable credit rating.

Ornate Floral Art retains title inthe sold goods until we have received full payment of the price and shippingcharges, and possible late payment interests and/or indemnities.

7. Sale Agreement

A "Sale" is to beunderstood by the online purchasing of an article that will be dispatched toyour address. The payment takes place on beforehand. At that moment thepurchase comes about. The order will only be deliver after receipt of thepayment.

No sale agreement will exist betweenyou and Ornate Floral Art until Ornate Floral Art packs and/or deliver allproducts.

Ornate Floral Art reserves the rightto refuse an order, wholly or partially, in the following cases:

·        Ifyour order is flagged by the security systems as an unusual order or an ordersuspected of fraud;

·        Incase of a stock issue or when a product is no longer available

·        Ifwe have reason to believe you are a reseller;

·        Ifthere was an error in the price quote;

·        Inthe event of force majeure.

8. Delivery restrictions

·        Allthe products are not serve in all the cities of India.

·        Beforeplacing an order contact Ornate Floral Art to confirm the availability ofservices at delivery location.

·        Midnight deliveries are only possible on specified at the time of order withconfirmation from Ornate Floral Art.

9. Delivery

Products are only delivered in thecountries for which the website allows delivery (see item 7). Delivery will, asfar as possible, be done within the time specified in the individual orderconfirmation. Any delay will in no event give rise to damages. Incorrectdelivery addresses are the responsibility of the User and may give rise toadditional charges that will be collected from the User.

In case of unforeseen circumstancesand will not be reaching your doorstep at the estimated time, OFA may providethe replacement on a case by case depending on the delivery time left for theoriginal order.


Almost all goods are shipped from OrnateFloral Art. If your order is not delivered in time, you can contact us at anytime at: info@ornatefloralart.com indicatingyour customer number or order number. Should we not be able to deliver yourorder before event date and time of the order confirmation email, you cancancel this order free of charge and the refund will be guaranteed.

The shipment is always carried outby a professional courier. A signature is required for receiving the goods. Youagree that a shipment may be delivered to a person other than the Applicant, ifit is at the address indicated by you. An overview of the delivery methods,their warranties and restrictions can be found in our Shipping Guidelines.

In any case redelivery could not bepossible.

10.Inadequate product or incorrect delivery

Ornate Floral Art does not acceptreturns due to the special and custom nature of the products. We really sorryif the item you received was faulty or incorrect. Please contact ourcustomer service team within 2 hours of receipt of order and send us an emailat info@ornatefloralart.com with substantial proof in terms of pictures of yourorder (Product pictures are mandatory).

11. Complaints

Submitted complaints will beanswered within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of your order. Ifa complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, we will reply yourmessage within 14 days with a message of receipt and an indication of when youcan expect a more detailed answer.

12. Distance Selling – Right ofRetraction/Cancellation

The consumer has the right to notifythe seller that he waives the purchase without payment of a fine and without astatement of reasons within 24 hours from the ordered time or 7 calendar daysfrom the day following delivery

In case the consumer invokes thispossibility, he must return the goods to Ornate Floral Art at his own risk andcosts. Goods designed specifically for the User and/or which can spoil quicklywill not be taken back and the User cannot rely on the waiver clause.

Please choose carefully as OrnateFloral Art does not accept refund or exchange in following cases:

·        Changeof mind

·        Failureto observe shipping / delivery information

·        Recipientrefusing to accept the delivery

·        Premisesis locked

·        Recipientsare not available

·        Incorrectcontact number or may be unreachable by us for delivery


Returned goods will only be acceptedby Ornate Floral Art on the condition that the goods are unused.

In order to return the goods thefollowing procedure needs to be followed:

Step 1: Please contact info@ornatefloralart.com andstate your order number within 2 hours from the receipt of order along with theproduct photographs. We will send you our return instructions by email. Thereturn costs, which we will mention in this email, are at your expense.

Step 2: Pack the goods beforereturning them (do not return any used goods), if possible in originalpackaging and complete with original labels, accessories. The original packagingensures that damage during return is avoided.

Step 3: Print the return label andstick it on the box/boxes. The received label will contain all information tomake sure the return goes smoothly (your information, our shipping address, thecourier name).

Step 4: If you have questions afterstep 3, please do not hesitate to contact us. If no questions, you must returnthe goods to us within 2 days.

Step 5: If the goods reach us ingood condition, you will be refunded within 7 days. Should the goods beincomplete or damaged, we will inform you.

13. Limitation of Liability

Use of the Site : Ornate Floral Art isnot responsible for any discontinued availability or access to the Site,malfunctions depending on the computer system, viruses or other inconveniencesthat may arise from the use of this Site (including but not limited to ‘loss ofprofit').

Use of the goods: Ornate Floral Artis not responsible for loss or for material or other damages of any kind, whichthe User or third would suffer in the use of the goods.

Delivery and other exclusions: OrnateFloral Art cannot be held liable for failure to comply with any term, as allterms are purely indicative without any obligation under Ornate Floral Art, norfor any other damage that may be caused by her fault or her negligence, even inthe event of a serious error. Any consequential damage or any other damage thatcannot be provided by one of the parties at the time of conclusion of the salesagreement is excluded from compensation.

The full liability of Ornate FloralArt will never exceed the purchase price of the product in question.

14. Reference to other websites anduse of material from/through the Site

The reference to another websitethrough our site is for informational purposes only. Only with the explicitpermission of Ornate Floral Art may information on the Site be used elsewhere.It is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, download, disseminate, transfer orcommercialize and/or distribute the services, Site pages, or the informationcodes related to the Site.

Information and suggestionscommunicated to us through the Site may be used free of charge and without anycompensation by Ornate Floral Art.

All images on this website are ownedby Ornate Floral Art. Reproduction of images without prior written permissionis prohibited.

15. Termination

Cancellation by Ornate Floral Art ofthe sales contract is always possible without prior notice.

16. Use limitations and intellectualproperty rights

Ornate Floral Art has developed thissite for your personal and non-commercial purposes. All rights, and inparticular all Intellectual Property Rights, associated with this Site aregoverned by and are the exclusive property of Ornate Floral Art. Based on theserights, it is forbidden to modify, copy, disseminate, transmit, reproduce,publish information or material contained on the Site or create derivativeworks. All of this, except for the following:

You may download content and makeone copy for purely personal, non-commercial use, provided that you maintain inits original state the content of the material on which the IntellectualProperty Rights apply. Copying or storing any content outside of personal, non-commercialuse is not allowed.

All other trademarks, signs,illustrations, images or emblems appearing on our products, accessories orpackaging are and remain the exclusive property of Ornate Floral Art. Thereproduction of this, in whole or in part, for any reason or for any means, isstrictly prohibited. Also, the use of any combination with another sign,symbol, emblem or other distinctive sign is prohibited.

The technology is provided andmanaged by Ornate Floral Art.

17. Privacy policy

Ornate Floral Art acknowledges theimportance of privacy. Our privacy policy can be found by clicking here. Theseprivacy policy terms apply to all products and services provided by OrnateFloral Art. By using this Site, the User implicitly accepts the Privacy Policy.

By ordering through the OrnateFloral Art Site, the User explicitly authorizes Ornate Floral Art to processand use his personal data for purposes such as customer administration,management of orders, deliveries and invoices, following up the solvency,marketing and advertising. Ornate Floral Art may store the data for use byother managed web shops, including those of Gift and the like more, but notthird parties without any relation to Ornate Floral Art.

The User has the right of access andimprovement for all data and is entitled to object free of charge theprocessing for direct marketing purposes. For more information, the User isinvited to refer to the public register maintained by the Commission for theProtection of the Personal Life in Brussels.

18. Counterfeiting

Ornate Floral Art also wishes toprotect its consumers against the sale of counterfeit products online. That iswhy Ornate Floral Art likes to refer to the tips of the Indian Consumer Forum toavoid buying a counterfeit product. If there is a suspicion of counterfeiting,the consumer can always submit a complaint via the Reporting Center.

19. Definitions

Within the scope of these terms andconditions, the terms listed hereafter shall be deemed to have the followingmeaning, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise:

·        Termsand Conditions: these terms and conditions and all its additions or updates;

·        Order:the result of the ordering process as described in article 4 of the Terms andConditions. Upon receipt of the payment, the Order becomes a Sale;

·        OrnateFloral Art: Ornate Floral Art, sole proprietorship firm; Ornate Floral Art isresponsible for the technical support of the functioning of the Site.

·        User:someone who by entering the address of this Site or by following a link visitsthis Site and uses it for informative purposes or to place an order;

·        Site:a collection of webpages grouped together under the address of Ornate floral art.The possibilities of the Site range from providing static information tointeractive communication with multimedia applications and the purchase ofgoods;

·        Selling:Online purchase of an item delivered at home. Payment will be made in advance.At the time of receipt of the payment, the sale will be completed.

20. Legislation

Disputes concerning the conclusion,validity, interpretation or performance of the contract or of the currentGeneral Terms and Conditions are governed by Indian law and under thejurisdiction of the  Courts withoutprejudice to the right of the consumer to bring a dispute before the judge whois empowered by mandatory legislation. All parties accept the electronicevidence within the framework of their relationships (for example: email, backups...).

If any of the above conditionsshould be annulled, all other conditions will remain valid to the fullestextent permitted by the law.

21. End

This agreement supersedes any prioragreement with the User.

For any questions, comments ortechnical issues regarding this Site you may contact us through the followinginformation: hello@orantefloralart.com, tel. +91 70 58 70 58 70.

These Terms and Conditions were lastupdated on August 22nd, 2020